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About Us

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Welcome to Fresh Faced Aesthetics. Beauty. Confidence. Excellence. Fresh Faced Aesthetics is driven by desire to provide superior solutions to your toughest beauty and skin care problems. Created with the vision to provide the most ultimate experience in the industry. Clients will embrace simple yet luxurious array of professional treatments. Our experienced and professional staff believe in individual treatments and will work with you to understand and exceed your skin needs executed with excellence to make you feel beautiful and confident.💙✨🤍


Fresh Faced Aesthetics is founded by entrepreneur Jessica Masten. Jessica is a licensed Aesthetician and a skin care expert. Jessica has nearly a decade worth of expertise and knowledge. After having extensive hands on experience in clinical and dermatology setting, she has crafted a spa to provide the most premium cosmetic treatments. She has provided services ranging from facials to medical grade laser treatments. Jessica is committed to bringing client satisfaction and making your skin dreams come true. Jessica’s on-going education and passion for this industry has earned her certifications. Jessica is passionate about helping her clients feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. “Fresh Faced Aesthetics is based on the belief that we can transform peoples lives while providing clients with a one-of-a-kind experience.” - Jessica 💙

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